Self-Cleaning Clothing Silic

Kickstarter has presented an interesting project – a Silic T-shirt, which does not get dirty! Unlike previously displayed similar projects, this T-shirt is not soaked with anything because the creator considers all these substances extremely harmful to humans.

The secret of Silic lies in nanotechnology – billions of quartz particles have been integrated into the T-shirt material that create an air layer between the fabric and the liquid, preventing the latter from touching the product. The T-shirt can be safely washed with colored clothing; however, it cannot be bleached, ironed, and given to the dry cleaners. According to the author of the project, the T-shirt retains decent appearance after 80 washes.

Initially, it was expected to raise $20,000, but by the end of fundraising the manufacturers have collected more than $300,000. Silic will appear on sale in May for an estimated price of $50.


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