Recovery Sleepwear by Under Armour

How long can people live without sleep? The question is not without a trick, so the answer will largely depend on individual characteristics of the organism. For example, 19-year-old high school student Randy Gardner from California could avoid sleep for 11 days (264.30 hours) without any stimulants. However, it was back in 1963. Repeating the same experiment now, when we are overloaded with information and visual stimuli, is not the best idea. Sufficient daily sleep is necessary not only in order to put all the data received during the day on the necessary shelves, but also to restore the body. After all, sleep starts and accelerates body regeneration. The creators of the most advanced pajamas in the world were guided by this principle. These cutting-edge pajamas can literally rebuild your body while you are sleeping.

A healthy body should enjoy a healthy sleep. Moreover, without a complete recovery the result of any training, as well as other pleasures of a healthy lifestyle, will be reduced to nothing. Athletes are among the people who can easily confirm this simple truth. Well-known football player Tom Brady and no less famous ballerina Misty Copeland became the first testers and the first “faces” (or bodies?) of the innovative pajamas developed by Under Armour brand.

Thanks to the technical component of the new product, the announcement was made at the prestigious CES2017 exhibition. The pajamas created by Under Armor regenerates muscles, blood circulation, and even cellular metabolism. The secret is in using one type of Far-Infrared, also known as FIR. A soft fabric with elements of bioceramics located on the inner surface of the pajamas naturally absorbs body heat and reflects its “radiant heat” back, producing a favorable effect on the skin and muscles.

As a result, the natural processes of body recovery become much faster and more intense, and any sleep becomes healthy. The effect of these pajamas should be evaluated by professional athletes and amateurs, as well as fans of an active lifestyle.

Although the creators keep saying that the most pronounced effect of the pajamas will be achieved together with other rules of healthy sleep: sticking to a sleep regime (going to bed at the same time), correct temperature (it is ideal to sleep in a room heated to 18.5o C) and avoiding the use of gadgets 30 minutes before bedtime.