Personal Delivery Robot Gita

There is no point in carrying a heavy bag or suitcase since the Vespa company offers a personal delivery robot Gita. It moves after the owner and finds him if he comes out of sight.

The only thing the user will have to wear is a special companion belt with an integrated camera, taking pictures that are processed with the help of SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) technology and creating a three-dimensional map of the surrounding area for the robot. The product is also equipped with a photo module (a stereo camera). Moreover, Gita is able to create a map of the area and the expected route according to the previous walks with the user.

The personal delivery robot carries about 18 kg of cargo that is protected by the owner’s imprint. Its height is 66 cm, and the maximum travel speed is 35 km/h. A built-in battery will last for 8 hours when the robot’s speed is 5 km/h; the recharge period is 3 hours.