GoSun Sport Solar Stove

Do many people have a solar panel for charging the smartphone? What about a solar stove that will allow you cooking delicious meals during the hike without any problems (of course if the weather is sunny). One of such solar stoves is going to be discussed now.

The device is called GoSun Sport Solar Stove. As you’d expect, this tubular stove was born thanks to a very successful crowdfunding campaign on several popular sites. The concept of this stove was developed by a group of enthusiasts. It is intended for those who prefer to spend much of their free time in nature, away from civilization, especially in summer.

How does this wonderful stove work? Running GoSun Sport Solar Stove is incredibly simple, and this simplicity is the main secret and the whole power of the gadget. The food is prepared in a special tubular tray, which is inserted into a container between the panels for heating. On average, cooking takes about 20 minutes. The necessary temperature is achieved by heating the reflection of light on the tube from the mirror plates.

It should be added separately that the portable stove is folded quickly and easily. It is very compact, and it’s easy to fit in the backpack. If necessary, the device can also be cleaned and washed without any problems.