An Extra Pair of Mechanical Limbs MetaLimbs

The lack of hands for performing various tasks can be successfully compensated by the second pair of limbs. Developers from Keio University (Tokyo, Japan) have developed an extra pair of hands – MetaLimbs – that is controlled by the feet of the gadget’s owner. The limbs are fastened behind the user’s back in a special backpack.

The Japanese created a pair of mechanical limbs, which works through a two-component control system. It consists of a tracking system mounted on the user’s knee and controllers that respond to the movement of the toes and operate the fingers of the artificial limbs. The accuracy of the mechanical hands is high enough, allowing you to perform quite complex movements, leaving human hands free.

With the help of the second pair of hands, you can hold a mobile phone or drink water, for example. This invention is especially useful for young mothers when caring for the baby.