Exposed Bivouac for Traveling by Motorcycle

It is easier to travel by car. Its interior can always shelter you from the rain; you can also spend a night there. With motorcycles, the situation is much more complicated. It seems, however, that the fans of two-wheeled iron horses will now be able to rest comfortably in the countryside. In the case of motorcycles, the interior of a car is replaced by a comfortable tent.


A motorcycle is a perfect means of transportation, but it is not devoid of shortcomings in terms of comfort. First of all, it is not the most convenient way to travel long distances. It is also hardly suitable for camping. This is due to the fact that, unlike any vehicle, the bike is not equipped as the car inside, where you can relax.


This problem was solved by the designers of Exposed Company, who presented a motorcycle gadget called Bivouac, which is, in fact, a portable tent. Of course, you cannot expect much comfort in the case of Bivouac, but a mobile tent is much better than no tent at all. Anyway, you can hide from bad weather under it.


Bivouac is a waterproof tent, which is set up as a hut. In this case, the motorcycle serves as a supporting structure. Like any other tent, Bivouac is set up with the help of extensions and pegs. By its dimensions, the tent is designed for an adult male. When folded, its dimensions are just 15×45 cm. The tent is folded conveniently and fixed in its folded state by means of a belt system.


Exposed Bivouac tents are a reliable protection from wind and rain. Their design allows you to get fully protected from 3 out of 4 sides. The design of the connecting element is intended for fixing the bike. There is also a convenient handle. The tent is made of high quality tarpaulin. If necessary, it can also be used as a cloak. The tent is set up in a matter of 1-2 minutes.