Bosh to add ABS to Bikes

According to a recent study conducted by Bosch Accident Research, the number of e-bike accidents can be reduced by 25%, if the bikes are equipped with anti-lock braking systems. In this regard, Bosch eBike Systems has created the world’s first production ABS for electric bikes.

Bosch eBike ABS was designed primarily to prevent cyclists from flying over the handlebars as a result of an abrupt response of the front brake.

The bike will be equipped with wheel speed sensors on both wheels. Their aim is to detect when the front wheel starts locking and the rear starts getting off the ground. The system instantly responds by weakening the front brake, thereby getting the rear wheel back on the road.

This should not only minimize incidents when cyclists are flying over the handlebars, but should also reduce braking distance.

Along with sensors, the system also includes a front brake activation module, which is under the stock of the steering wheel, as well as the system version of the hydraulic disc brakes, Magura MT5.

You will be able to see Bosch eBike ABS on partner bikes this fall, and the world sales will start in a year.