AirFree Puncture-Free Tires

The wheel is the most ingenious invention of the humans. The tire is yet another brilliant invention. Despite the fact that both were invented by smart guys, there always remains something that can be improved and remade in a new way. This is what the initiators of the AirFree project are trying to do.

The AirFree project became known for the first time six years ago. A group of enthusiast designers set the task to once again changing one of the most fundamental and important inventions of mankind – the wheel. Engineers have set the task of creating a wheel that will not need conventional tires and will remain the same in terms of its quality. That is how Bridgestone AirFree wheels for the bicycle appeared.

It turned out that it is really possible to use tires without compressed air. In the Bridgestone concept, they were substituted for moving spokes from high-quality plastic. These innovative spokes are made almost entirely of the same materials as the tires themselves. Thus, the rejection of one technology in favor of a more perfect one should, in fact, be “painless.”

The carried out tests showed that using the wheels with AirFree technology does not make it more difficult to ride a bicycle. In fact, there is no difference between tires and plastic spokes, except that the new development is much more difficult to wear out. The creators argue that the commercial version of their development will have appeared by 2019. Nothing is said about how much such bicycle wheels will cost. In the future, the AirFree project is going to create similar wheels for cars.