9 Smart Clothing Items

High-tech products are rapidly penetrating the life of every single person and various fields of economy, habitat, and production. It may be difficult to believe, but modern high technology is increasingly penetrating into fashion as well! Here are some of the most striking examples from this field.

1. A sleeveless with a solar battery

Designer Paul van Dongen became widely known thanks to creating undershirts, T-shirts, and shirts with plates of solar panels integrated into them. Such an undershirt can charge your smartphone, a smartwatch or any other device with a Micro USB port. Of course, bright sunlight is needed to start charging.

2. Attached batteries

Attached solar panels have become extremely popular recently. This is not a complete garment; it is rather an accessory attached to clothing. Such things have already become an integral part of the wardrobe for many people. An important advantage of this “equipment” is resistance to low temperatures, humidity, water or dust, and comparative flexibility.

3. Smart clothing for fitness

Fitness trackers, bracelets and straps with sensors that allow to collect data on the health status and physical activity began to gain popularity not so long ago. These things are very useful for those engaged in fitness or sports. Designer Ralph Lauren has created a collection of sports shirts for such people with an already built-in tracker, which not only collects data, but also gives advice on improving the effectiveness of training.

4. “Charged” jeans

Joe’s Jeans brand, which is engaged in the development and creation of new jeans models, has presented an interesting item. A line of jeans, which allows you to charge your smartphone while it is in the pocket, has entered the market. The secret is simple – several batteries are sewn into the jeans. However, the clothing item has a few shortcomings, including the need to use a cable for charging.


The high-tech baby’s MIMO clothing was developed specifically for parents to always keep the baby under supervision. For this purpose, the smart shirt uses a special removable sensor looking like a green turtle. The clothing scans the data on the baby’s organism, watches the baby’s sleep and notifies the parents if changing a diaper is needed, if the baby has fever, or if he/she has just woken up.

6. Everpurse

Passive charging systems are now used not only in clothing, but also in purses and handbags. A striking example of this trend is the Everpurse product. Such women’s bags are known for having back-up batteries for mobile devices. Wired charging options and wireless charging are both offered.

7. Clothing that does not sweat

Sweating is a natural process for any warm-blooded living organism that does not bring any comfort. In order to save people from bad smells, embarrassment and discomfort, scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a curious concept of smart clothing, consisting of movable soft plates. The clothing item responds to body temperature and changes its own texture to improve heat loss.

8. Jackets with LED lights

Various examples of smart uniforms are increasingly popular in the market. For example, the British Easyjet airline company has created special jackets and trousers with integrated LED lights for their engineers and technicians. Such clothing is very comfortable to work in when there is not enough light.

9. A smart hat with ear-flaps

If there are blizzards, cold and other winter joys outside, having a nice hat with ear-flaps in the wardrobe is a must. This headwear “works” together with the smartphone. Equipped with a built-in speaker, a microphone, and a Bluetooth module, the hat allows you to receive calls and carry on conversations without removing the phone from the pocket. The hat is able to work for about 60 hours in a standby mode and for 6-8 hours while receiving and transmitting voice signals.