20 Amazing Facts about 3D Printing

Having appeared quite recently, 3D-printing penetrated the most diverse spheres of human activity, extending the horizons of possibilities. Medicine, cooking, space… The list of industries that can operate 3D-printers successfully is increasing rapidly. Experts believe that this is only the beginning of a long journey of three-dimensional printing.

1. 3D-printing is becoming more and more accessible

Today, a small 3D-printer is available for $1,375. Every year, these printers are getting cheaper.

2. It is hard to believe, but the history of 3D printing began in the 1980s

It all started with stereolithography technology in 1984, which used UV lasers to strengthen the photopolymer and create 3D objects layer by layer. The process was invented by Chuck Hill.

3. With the help of this technology, people have already managed to create artificial organs

For example, ear prostheses are printed on 3D printers for the infants who were born without ears due to genetic defects.

4. Things are printed layer by layer

The process of printing something is like the process of printing an image on a standard home or office printer, but the latter applies one coat of paint, and 3D-printers add more and more layers of the material.

5. Lots of materials can already be printed

Including ceramics, wood, titanium and gold. In fact, you can print anything you want – a dress, prostheses, unmanned aerial vehicles, bicycles, cars and much more…

6. Nokia Lumia 820 housing was published

It took Makerbot printer less than a day to accomplish the task.

7. 3D printing is used to create unusual weapons

Experts say that it is possible to create so tiny weapons with the help of a 3D-printer that it will be very difficult to detect them.

8. Once it will become possible to print… people

Scientists already know how to print human organs, skin, bones and any tissue. Therefore, it is not surprising that some have declared it possible to print out the whole human being.

9. It is possible to print micro- and nano-structures

3D-printers can create very small structures, the thickness of which is comparable to a human hair.

10. Production costs will soon be reduced by the development of technology

The production of any item requires a lot of resources at every stage of the production chain. 3D-printers allow you to create pre-ordered products according to the current requirements. It is ideal for a small business as it takes fewer materials and virtually no waste.

11. Any house can turn into a factory

Everything that used to be done only in the factories now can be accomplished right at home: toys, guitars, ceramics, bicycles…

12. The technology is already being used in the movies

Thanks to 3D printing, creating the props for films has become much easier and faster than before. For example, 3D printing products can be seen in such films as “Iron Man,” “The Hobbit,” “Jurassic Park,” “Avatar,” “The Terminator”, “Real Steel”, “ParaNorman” and “The Avengers.”

13. The products will be cheaper

In fact, prices for many goods are falling with the development of 3D printing. We do not need to consider the cost of logistics, human and machine work (of course, except for the work of 3D printers themselves).

14. The technology will be released into space

It is planned to send a robot – instead of human beings – to the moon. It will build the infrastructure on the surface of the Earth’s satellite.

15. 3D-printers can work in a combination with tomography, manufacturing a “clone” of the tumor for medical examination

If you examine the tumor prior to surgery, it will be easier to remove.

16. NASA will use the lunar dust to print a base on the moon

The same technology is already used for the astronauts to repair or create a duplicate of the broken equipment.

17. The technology is already being used for education

Students with disabilities now have the chance to receive a comprehensive education, as well as all others, and, probably, to become musicians, engineers or doctors. 3D modeling will enable young students to realize their original ideas.

18. Model Dita Von Teese became the first star to put on a 3D-printed dress

The dress consisted of 3,000 parts and emphasized the benefits of Dita’s curvaceous figure.

19. HP is going to produce 3D-printers

The company that became famous due to conventional printers is testing a new 3D printer that is going to become available on the market soon.

20. 3D-printing has revolutionized the industry, and many people still do not understand all its features

This technology will change everything. You will not have to spend a lot of effort and money to get what you want, and it will be enough just to press the button.