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Contemporary people plunge into the whirlwind of events every day, and therefore it is important to always have at hand a device that would allow keeping in touch. It is for active people that the BQ-6050 Jumbo smartphone was developed. It can rather be considered a Phablet because of its large six-inch screen.

The evolution of technology has led to the fact that modern smartphones are no inferior to laptops in power and speed. So many companies are exploring the possibility of creating a hybrid device that will integrate the features of a computer and a mobile phone.

Smartphones have become a must-have device among a huge range of today’s gadgets. Sometimes people even argue about the frequency of changing smartphones. After all, this segment of the market is developing rapidly. Models with more innovative features are constantly appearing. This article will tell you what smartphones users can expect in 2017.

Of course, a good-quality item will invariably gain well-deserved fame and popularity. However, this rule does not always work, because we live in a rather ruthless time when insidious marketers try to rule our minds and hearts. Every child today knows what Apple, HTC, Samsung, OnePlus, Huawei, and LG are. However, what about the items by lesser known brands? If something does not have a loud name, it does not always mean that it is bad.

How much will the design and functions of a smartphone change in, say, 10 years? Designer Philippe Starck, known for his unconventional ideas, and Jerome Olivier have presented their vision of Alo, the so-called “tube of future” in an ergonomic sleek transparent body.

The Danish Lumigon company has decided to draw attention to their products, by equipping a new premium smartphone with a dual camera, one of them is a 4-megapixel night vision camera, equipped with two infrared LED illumination signals. Thus, Lumigon T3 became the world’s first mobile device that can be used for night shooting and hidden surveillance because infrared light is invisible to the naked human eye.