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Smart watches have entered the market. Manufacturing companies from around the world pamper the users with new samples of this wonderful invention. However, this device has yet to prove its worth, so maybe the new product developed by Samsung will cope with the task.

South Korean provider of Internet content called Naver has shared new details on the upcoming flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7. The information obviously came from a member of staff of the South Korean giant.

Along with the announcement of the new flagship smartphone Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge, the Samsung Electronics Company has introduced a new mobile payment service Samsung Pay, designed to compete with Apple Pay and Android Pay, expected in future.

In Korea, Samsung has started the sales of a TV set that has a curved screen with quantum dots. Devices with 55, 65, 78 and 88-inch diagonals are available on sale. The junior model will cost $5,000, whereas the senior one costs $7,200. Samsung television sets, demonstrated at the CES 2015 exhibition in January, can display images in 4K resolution.

Samsung has started the sales of its biggest TV screen with the diagonal of 110 inches. It was first announced at the CES exhibition back in early 2013 and is only now available on the store shelves. Its estimated price is $150,000, and it will be available only in China, the Middle East, Europe, and South Korea. In addition to the impressive size of 2.6×1.8 meters, the TV supports 4K resolution, which is expected to be used actively in 2014.

Not long ago a SSD seemed expensive exotics for “the chosen” only. In fact, not very reliable drives used to be sold at extremely high prices that deterred an average buyer.