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Among the variety of forms and technical parameters characterizing the latest unmanned aerial vehicles, a small drone from the Powervision Robot company (China) stands out due to its original properties and appearance. In 2016, the Chinese released a very successful Power Egg model shaped as an egg. They collected over $15 million for production. The company has decided to expand the market of “egg-shaped” drones, covering the budget sector as well. K130 Alpha Kai Deng is not only smaller in size than its elder brother but also much cheaper.

Remote controlled cars are not new. Quadrocopters are also well-known. And what if you combine them, creating a manageable model, capable of moving on land, in the air, and perhaps even on water? The prototype, presented at Kickstarter and marked by the letter «B», can serve as an aircraft and a sport utility vehicle. Instead of the conventional axial fastening, each of the wheel rims of the car is provided with a gear mechanism at its bottom. This design saves space in the center to accommodate the 7-inch screws. Both wheels and screws can be easily removed and replaced in case of a hard landing.


The “B” hybrid is powered by a 11.1-volt lithium-polymer battery that can last for about 15 minutes of performance without being recharged (in the mixed mode, which includes moving on the road and in the air). An on-board video camera (720 p) records everything that the pilot of this vehicle could potentially see.


The creators of the prototype consider the opportunity of making its polycarbonate shell water-resistant. Thus, the “B” hybrid can become an amphibian, capable of moving on water. Who knows, maybe, a kind of these “toy” developments might someday be used to create a full-size “quadrocopter car?”