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The naming of iPhones has been pretty standard from the very first models. There have been no changes in the naming mechanism. In the even years after the launch of their first smartphone all models had a numerical increase in the model name. In the odd years like 2017 the change in model name was usually just an ‘s’ at the end. This trend has been passed on successfully until now. Now there has been a drastic shift in the naming tradition. Why iPhone 8 instead on iPhone 7s. Read on to find the answer which is very fascinating.

As part of the charitable campaign (RED) aimed at combating HIV/AIDS, Apple has traditionally released a limited red version of its products. This year, the flagship smartphones were chosen for this purpose, their full names being iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Product (RED) Special Edition.

Gaming is a favorite pastime of virtually every iPhone user, especially those who’ve tried out the Vegas Palms mobile casino app. Each one of us is different, but we all have our way of passing the time when standing in line, commuting, or simply looking for a temporary cure for boredom.

If you think that your Apple iPhone 6/ iPhone 6 Plus lacks functionality or the battery is weak, do not despair.


Consider the special Moscase that the MSC Accessories Company is engaged in developing. It consists of two parts: the main one, which is mounted on a smartphone, and plug-in modules having a different purpose and function. Five versions of plug-in modules have been developed so far: breathalyzer, equipped with sensors to detect alcohol in the body, an amplifier, which has two large speakers on the rear surface, a solar battery, an extra battery and E-Ink-display for reading books and other text messages that allows saving battery power.

The main part of the case contains a heart rate monitor, a thermometer capable of measuring temperature in the range from 0 to 100 degrees Celsius, and a stress level sensor. The information received from the sensors is analyzed by the specific application.

Apart from all these features, with this case you may still use your phone for more common actions, such as calling, chatting or gaming. Click here to choose from the games people find most fun.

The creators are now raising funds for the project via the Kickstarter service. The cost of the main part is $133 (the amount of the cases sold at this price is limited, and then the cost for pre-order will be $149); other modules can be purchased separately (1 unit costs $59) or in a set.

It’s only 2 months last till the so much awaited iPhone 6 release. But it has already started a lot of gossip and „news“, some of which are reliable, while others sound like science fiction. Another belief of the kind refers to the display. They say, it will enable the user to tactilely feel the objects displayed just like 3D ones („tactile feedback linear motor“).

The predictable cycles of upgraded Apple devices appeal to the conscious consumers. Even those who do not follow the industry know that the company will release iPhone in a new body this year. It’s really an obvious point, which will inevitably lead to the dissatisfied comments of the fans, who have already responded negatively to the first photos of iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. But what will iPhone 6 be like? Here is one of the realistic concepts, which has the right to be designed.

iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 - sizes

Buyers of Apple smartphones, who would like the iPhone with a bigger screen, hope that this will happen next year. At least, this is what analyst Peter Misek from Jefferies says. After meeting with Apple suppliers in Asia, he released a note for the investors, which reported that iPhone 6 will offer a 4.8 inch screen for its users.

The fans of Apple products tick the day of September 10 with a red felt-tip pen on their calendars. If the press has put it right, the world will see a new iPhone on this day. As always, everything that is connected with the release is kept secret, and the public is to make their own guesses.

A universal instrument for creating and recording music with a smartphone will soon be available. The Artiphon company has announced the upcoming release of a limited series of Artiphon Instrument 1, previously demonstrated at the CES 2013 and NAMM exhibitions. The instrument uses the computing power of the iPhone or IPod Touch to work with such music apps like GarageBand or Animoog, which allow you to create and record music tracks. In such a case, the musicians do not have to re-learn to play a new instrument: it can be played like a guitar, a piano or a violin, and a special touch panel allows you to create rhythmic patterns of the percussion instruments.


The design of Instrument 1 provides one microphone input (in order to be able to record vocals) and a headphone output as an alternative to built-in speakers (the frequency range is from 100 Hz to 20 kHz) in a combination with the 30-watt class D amplifier.

Although Instrument 1 was originally designed for the iPhone or IPod Touch, it functions as a universal MIDI-controller and can be connected to any MIDI-synthesizer or digital audio workstation (based on PC or MAC), as well as Android devices, supporting wire connection of the MIDI type.


The lithium-ion battery of Instrument 1 can perform 6 to 10 hours long without charging, and if there is an electrical outlet nearby, the device can be powered by alternative current.

The estimated price of the device is $799.