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If the windows of your apartment or house face the sun, and you have to use curtains to restrict sunrays on hot days, think: are you doing the right thing? Maybe it is time to benefit from the location? The SolarGaps startup offers to install smart jalousie, which are able to generate electricity thanks to the solar panels on the slats

Many people face the problem of cold hands. As a rule, hands are freezing despite the weather and temperature. You’re sitting at the computer or writing an abstract – and you want to put on hand gloves, although it’s summer outside. In this survey, we have collected unusual inventions for people who face this problem.

Household robots are becoming increasingly popular, and robotic cleaners occupy a special niche in this segment of the market. Due to the leaders of the electronics market, this technology is constantly becoming better and more accessible for a wide range of people. Recently, there has appeared a new gadget that helps the owner with cleaning the house.

A small device called Slide is designed specifically for people to forget about the existence of curtains and the need to draw them manually.

This innovative accessory relies on satellites and smartphones to help you be aware of where your car, wife, dog, children, or purse are. The device is as simple as all genius inventions and as cheap as other electronic watches made in China.

Every countryside trips fan has perhaps faced the discomfort of sleeping in a tent or car when the whole body aches in the morning and the only thing you want is to go home. However, this problem seems to be resolved. With a camp bed, staying outdoors will be as comfortable as possible.

Sevenhugs company has presented its universal Smart Remote at CES 2017. This device is used to control 25 thousand different devices. In addition, thanks to the infrared port, built-in sensors and additional applications, it can be connected to Uber taxi, which allows to call a taxi only by pointing in the direction of a special sensor.

It is known to be a difficult task to maintain cleanliness and order in the house. Firstly, it is tedious and boring to do the cleaning, and secondly, it takes a lot of time. Fortunately, modern technology can help in this area of household chores. In this review, we’re going to present the best gadgets that will help restore cleanliness of the house or even do the cleaning for you.

In the 21st century, our home is getting more incredible and filled with futuristic technology. Many of these technologies could be dreamt of about ten years ago. Today, they are already a reality. One of these “technological wonders” is the latest Samsung refrigerator.