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Future begins today. Perhaps it’s hard to believe but it’s true. To prove our opinion, we offer the readers to get acquainted with a new creation of a group of enthusiasts – a household robot, which can maintain all the lawns.


Smart L.U.C.Y. Panel is equipped with a voice assistant and supplemented with the necessary multimedia features of a digital assistant who will remind you about important events, keep your notes, make a list of important things to do and a shopping list, tell the news, tell the weather, play music, send a video message to other smartphones and much more.

Xiaomi company has unveiled its first curved Mi TV 3S 65, which is valued at $1385. The novelty is based on the 65-inch Samsung panel with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels, the radius of curvature of 4000 mm and the color gamut of 78% NTSC.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro is a doorbell, which also acts as a surveillance camera. Thanks to the wide-angle lens with a 160-degree angle, it covers the territory not only at the door, but in front of the house as well.

If a person is really fascinated with something, he/she tries to be surrounded by the signs and artifacts connected with this idea. Therefore, the interior of the home can tell quite often what films, music or doctrine the owner of the apartment prefers. Geek fashion has even reached the bed in the literal sense of the word. In our review, you will read about the incredible blankets that are ideal for geeks.

Compressorhead is an unusual German team of rock musicians who are willing to work without fatigue, food, water and sleep breaks. This is because the participants of this band are all robots. The band already consists of three musicians: four-handed and two-legged drummer Stickboy, two-handed guitarist Fingers with 78 fingers, and bassist Bones on a track platform.