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The authorities of the capital of Norway have seriously taken up the issue of the region’s ecological improvement. It has been banned to drive cars with a diesel engine in the city, and by 2019 the use of any vehicles with internal combustion engines in downtown Oslo is expected to be reduced to a minimum. Furthermore, it is planned to completely prevent any such cars from entering the city since 2025, which will have reduced carbon emissions in the locality to zero by 2030. As an alternative to conventional four-wheeled vehicles, it is offered to use bicycles, including electric ones.

Wristocat is a levitating stand that supports the user’s hand while working at the computer. As stated by the developers, the device will prevent the occurrence of carpal tunnel syndrome, which occurs in humans after continuous use of a computer mouse, a touchpad and a keyboard.

Miracles do not happen, but MSR company (Mountain Safety Research), specializing in the design and manufacture of the equipment for climbing and mountain hiking, will begin to sell camping Purifier MSR Guardian at the beginning of next year. According to the manufacturer, it is capable of purifying any water for drinking.

People are attached to their home. Slovak engineers disagree with this situation and create a fully independent home, which follows its owner. We invite you to evaluate the genius design ideas and learn how housing can look like in the very near future.

Tape measure and scales will soon have to give way to a three-dimensional human body scanner, British experts say. A photocopy of the human body, made in just six seconds, can measure the body volume index (BVI).

LUMOback can help you maintain a good posture, even if you are very enthusiastic about your job. Is there anything that may seem easier than keeping your back straight and having a good posture? But when it comes to practice, office employees, people involved in creative professions and everyone, who spends most of their working day sitting, cannot stand a few minutes of this exercise: being inveigled into their business, they bend their back again. Of course, it may lead to spine disorders!


LUMOback belt gadget is designed to help you monitor your posture. It will not allow you to bend dramatically, even if you are thinking about something completely different. The gadget vibrates when the person slouches. Synchronization with your smartphone keeps record of your posture statistics – this is yet another motivation to keep your back straight most of the day.