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The growing miniaturization of electronic devices could not leave out the production of unmanned aerial vehicles. The DJI company (China), a leader in the field, continues to produce drones. It has presented its new, smallest quadcopter, Spark, with simple operation and low cost.

In addition to Android Essential Phone, Andy Rubin has announced a smart speaker with a unique operating system, Ambient. In the future, it will become a universal software platform that will optimize the whole household. You can enable the stylish Essential Home by a voice command or by touch.

A curious printer creating “live” images has been invented by a California startup, Prynt. You just point the camera of an Apple smartphone at a photo printed with the help of the mini-gadget – and it comes alive. Looking at it, one recalls the “Harry Potter” movie, where paintings move.

Before the start of the Computex exhibition, Asus organized the Edge of Beyond presentation showing their new products: ZenBook’s Flip ultra-thin notebook-transformer, compact and efficient ZenBook Pro UX550laptop, VivoBook laptops in ZenBook-style, and a stylish Blue Cave router.


The British inventor, who built a jetpack in the “Iron Man” style, hopes that his project, which once began as a fun experiment, can become a practical tool for various industries – from the sphere of entertainment to military purposes.

Many people face the problem of cold hands. As a rule, hands are freezing despite the weather and temperature. You’re sitting at the computer or writing an abstract – and you want to put on hand gloves, although it’s summer outside. In this survey, we have collected unusual inventions for people who face this problem.

A very unusual robot appeared in Japan. In the foreseeable future, it can totally “kill” the profession of a shop assistant. A smart cart and a new checkout system can now count the money by itself, receive payments and pack the client’s goods in a package.

Household robots are becoming increasingly popular, and robotic cleaners occupy a special niche in this segment of the market. Due to the leaders of the electronics market, this technology is constantly becoming better and more accessible for a wide range of people. Recently, there has appeared a new gadget that helps the owner with cleaning the house.