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Tesla Motors company has announced a new system of automatic control of the car. According to the preliminary data, which were announced right at the presentation, the new system should allow cars to park without human participation as quickly and unmistakably as the driver would do.

Almost eight months ago, a car designer from Denmark announced ambitious plans to create a premium electric vehicle, Fisker EMotion. The vehicle demonstration is scheduled for June 30, 2017, and in the meantime very scarce, but impressive technical specifications leak to the mass media and the network.

Roborace, the first racing car of the future, has been presented recently. This machine is controlled by artificial intelligence without any human intervention, and it does not even have a place for the driver.

Have you ever dreamed of a plastic car? The idea to produce cars of this material seems strange and unsafe, but the Japanese engineers from Tokyo automobile companies claim that the plastic parts of the car are as durable as steel components.