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The authorities of the capital of Norway have seriously taken up the issue of the region’s ecological improvement. It has been banned to drive cars with a diesel engine in the city, and by 2019 the use of any vehicles with internal combustion engines in downtown Oslo is expected to be reduced to a minimum. Furthermore, it is planned to completely prevent any such cars from entering the city since 2025, which will have reduced carbon emissions in the locality to zero by 2030. As an alternative to conventional four-wheeled vehicles, it is offered to use bicycles, including electric ones.

Using a new product offered by the UrbanX startup, cycling enthusiasts will be able to save much money when transforming their traditional bicycle into an electric one. A simple and effective solution from UrbanX is to replace the usual bicycle wheel with a special electric model, designed from aircraft-grade aluminum and represented by two types: UrbanXBooster (350 W) and UrbanXEco (240 W).

Around the world, the bike is believed to be an affordable means of transportation. However, this rule has its exceptions. In this review, we have gathered the bikes, which are considered the most expensive in the world.

Combining a bicycle, a scooter, and an electric motor in a single vehicle is not a new idea. Each year, the world witnesses the appearance of many interesting hybrids which are ready to facilitate the movement of users on the crowded roads of towns and cities. COSWHEEL A-one gets on a par with them.

Electric vehicles industry is gaining more and more with every day that passes. Very often, there are trends among bicycles. So, the campaign aimed at raising funds for the production of a 3-wheeled vehicle is at full swing on the Indiegogo site. But do not think that the bicycle is for a child. The product called Liberty Trike is designed for adults.


Bicycles with classic wheels are not the most suitable vehicle to travel on sand or snow, high grass and other soft surfaces. For such extreme tracks, it is better to buy a fatbike. Xterrain500 is one of the representatives of this amusing vehicle. By the way, it is electric.

Ford Motor Company has unveiled prototypes of smart electric bikes MoDe:Me and MoDe:Pro at the Mobile World Congress. These bikes are designed for private and commercial use in cities. Ford is going to explore the possibility of integrating electric bikes into urban public transportation. As the starting point of the experiment, Ford asked its employees from around the world to submit designs of electric bicycles. Prototypes of electric bikes MoDe:Me and MoDe:Pro were presented at the Mobile World Congress exhibition among the best 100 projects.