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High-tech products are rapidly penetrating the life of every single person and various fields of economy, habitat, and production. It may be difficult to believe, but modern high technology is increasingly penetrating into fashion as well! Here are some of the most striking examples from this field.

How long can people live without sleep? The question is not without a trick, so the answer will largely depend on individual characteristics of the organism. For example, 19-year-old high school student Randy Gardner from California could avoid sleep for 11 days (264.30 hours) without any stimulants. However, it was back in 1963. Repeating the same experiment now, when we are overloaded with information and visual stimuli, is not the best idea. Sufficient daily sleep is necessary not only in order to put all the data received during the day on the necessary shelves, but also to restore the body. After all, sleep starts and accelerates body regeneration. The creators of the most advanced pajamas in the world were guided by this principle. These cutting-edge pajamas can literally rebuild your body while you are sleeping.

The next portion of relatively expensive and stylish TRAKLINE belts is available. If you buy this belt as a gift, you’d better study this offer. It is impossible to describe the belt in a few words. It deserves much more.

It is the dream of many to be able to charge mobile gadgets during an ordinary walk without having any discomfort. And it seems that American scientists are very close to solving this problem. They have created footwear that can charge any gadget.

Kickstarter has presented an interesting project – a Silic T-shirt, which does not get dirty! Unlike previously displayed similar projects, this T-shirt is not soaked with anything because the creator considers all these substances extremely harmful to humans.