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Do tourists and residents running around with a selfie stick make you smile waspishly? Well, you’ll have to learn how to live with it! Because there’s a new gadget on its way to the cities’ streets – a MacBook selfie stick.

It is still unknown what Apple iPhone 7 will look like, though the device will be released this autumn. Various web-resources encourage experts to collect all the information that concerns the future flagship, including unverified and patent-based data.

Along with the announcement of the new flagship smartphone Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge, the Samsung Electronics Company has introduced a new mobile payment service Samsung Pay, designed to compete with Apple Pay and Android Pay, expected in future.


According to Bloomberg, Apple plans to begin the production of cars in 2020. Bloomberg’s sources claim that the project employs 200 people, and the team of experts in the development of batteries and robotics has recently joined it. It is noted that the corporation will have to start the battle with Tesla Motors Inc. and General Motors for its consumers.

Apple has got a patent for virtual reality glasses to be used in a pair with the iPhone or your iPod. Mobile devices are needed as a computing device and the screen for the smart glasses, as well as to control some of their functions.

It’s only 2 months last till the so much awaited iPhone 6 release. But it has already started a lot of gossip and „news“, some of which are reliable, while others sound like science fiction. Another belief of the kind refers to the display. They say, it will enable the user to tactilely feel the objects displayed just like 3D ones („tactile feedback linear motor“).

As you know, Apple will most likely unveil its new product this year – “smart” iWatch (although there have appeared some rumors recently about the production problems that may lead to postponing the release date). At the moment, nobody knows how the gadget will look like. But this does not prevent well-known designers from making their own assumptions.

The predictable cycles of upgraded Apple devices appeal to the conscious consumers. Even those who do not follow the industry know that the company will release iPhone in a new body this year. It’s really an obvious point, which will inevitably lead to the dissatisfied comments of the fans, who have already responded negatively to the first photos of iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. But what will iPhone 6 be like? Here is one of the realistic concepts, which has the right to be designed.

The fans of Apple products tick the day of September 10 with a red felt-tip pen on their calendars. If the press has put it right, the world will see a new iPhone on this day. As always, everything that is connected with the release is kept secret, and the public is to make their own guesses.