ZTE has introduced its version of the modular smartphone called ECO-MOBIUS at the China International Exhibition, which was held on September 24-28, 2013 and is known not only in China but in the world as well. The new smartphone can be easily assembled or updated.

This year, the phone concept has received the authoritative Red Dot Award in the field of design.

The smartphone consists of 4 modules: the CPU, display, battery and camera. The basic unit, which consists of a screen, is inserted with CPU, GPU, RAM, a camera, a memory card and a battery.


All the components are mounted in the grooves with a magnet. They are covered with a lid.

The name of the smartphone highlights the idea to reduce the burden from waste and pollution on the environment. Apparently, this should be achieved by replacing the individual components (that have failed or require modernization), and not the whole device.


Clearly, this is only a concept. But who knows, maybe a consumer electronics market is being created in front of our eyes, and not just the new type of electronic devices.


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