Why iPhone 8 Instead of iPhone 7s?

The naming of iPhones has been pretty standard from the very first models. There have been no changes in the naming mechanism. In the even years after the launch of their first smartphone all models had a numerical increase in the model name. In the odd years like 2017 the change in model name was usually just an ā€˜sā€™ at the end. This trend has been passed on successfully until now. Now there has been a drastic shift in the naming tradition. Why iPhone 8 instead on iPhone 7s. Read on to find the answer which is very fascinating.

Design Changes In The New iPhone

There many rumours concerning the new iPhone. However what is certain is that there are going to be major changes in the design structure of the smartphone. The structural changes have led to a deviation from naming norm. This is because all other phones which had such major appearance changes normally moved the name to the next number. The good thing about iPhone 8 is that it is still compatible with online casinos and mobile games. You can click here South African gambling for online responsible gaming tips.

There are strong suggestions that the latest iPhone will go back to the aluminum frames. These frames allow the device to have a smaller weight. This makes them more portable. In a world where miniaturization is buzz world, no mobile device creator can sacrifice portability. In this drive to becoming more portable, the giant smartphone developer may use a glass display in their latest models. The glass screen will also come in hand in giving the phone wireless charging capabilities.

Besides the wireless charging, another feature upgrade will be the improved water resistance. However, the retinal sensor security feature is the innovation that will get thousands of users rushing to buy the device. Although they will have to pay more than $1,000 for the premium model. Not too much to pay to keep your phone and real money gambling secured for online casinos. But enough to retain the prestige of owning an iPhone.