Walk Me Up Will not Stop Ringing Unless You Walk

Walk Me Up is an alarm clock for iOS and Android. You specify the number of steps in the application beforehand, and the alarm clock will ring until you walk them in the morning. Cruel, but effective.

The developers keep inventing sophisticated ways to draw people out of bed in the morning. Solving mathematical problems, puzzles, and now the inability to stop the alarm clock until you walk a certain number of steps.

The application works in a simple way. You set the number of steps that you need to make in order to disable the alarm clock. Then you turn on the alarm clock and fall asleep. You can select a modest number of five steps or up to 70 sadistic steps or more. But it is worth remembering that in this case you’ll have to walk across the whole apartment to finally silence the alarm clock.

Of course, you can turn off the alarm in other ways. If you terribly do not want to get up, you can close the application by using a multitasking bar, or even delete it. But in this case, what’s the point of installing it?

The Walk Me Up application has the so-called Evil Mode. When activated, it blocks the possibility to postpone the alarm. After the first ring, you will have to wake up and walk as far as you think you can manage.


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