Snapzoom for Better Smartphone Photos

Snapzoom allows the use of binoculars as a telephoto lens for a smartphone.

Specialized lenses that increase the capabilities of built-in cameras in smartphones are no longer a surprise. However, the point of purchasing this product instead of a camera is questionable. It is a different thing when you use a cheap mount to replace a telephoto lens with binoculars and then quickly remove it and use it for its intended purpose.

You can just hold the smartphone in your hand, pressing it to the binoculars. Or use scotch tape. But Snapzoom offers a more convenient and elegant solution. The adapter works with all models of smartphones, allowing you to attach them to binoculars, spotting scopes, telescopes and microscopes. A few adjustments allow you to select the optimal position for a high-quality photo.

The project is at the stage of collecting funds for mass production. The retail price of the device is $79.95, but those who dare to pre-order Snapzoom will pay $60.


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