Smartphone Transforms to a Microscope

The world’s largest portal for crowd funding – Kickstarter – has started a campaign to raise funds for the launch of the smartphone-based device that turns the gadget into a microscope. The project was named Illuminoscope.

Technically, the prototype is a bag with a lens and a mount for interchangeable nozzles. It should be noted that Illumoscope uses light from the smartphone flash for equal illumination of the analyzed object.

Developers have taken into consideration the possibility of studying small samples – crystals or insects. For this purpose, there is a closed nozzle where the object is placed.

Illuminoscope can also be applied for the study of the inner ear and nasal cavity: the kit will include special narrow nozzles.

At the moment, the project has raised about 10 thousand dollars of the required 60 thousand. In addition to the device, the users can pre-order some accessories, as well as T-shirts and manuals for children about the fascinating micro world. The package price of Illuminoscope and its accessories starts from $25.


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