Samsung Galaxy Round, a Flexible Phone

As reported by South Korean media, Samsung may introduce its first smartphone with a curved screen this week. It has presumably been named Galaxy Round.

Ahead of LG, the Samsung company will offer the consumer the first commercially available smartphone with a display on a plastic substrate, which provides more resistance to falling and hitting than the traditional glass. In addition, the plastic substrate panel is noted for its lower cost.

The specifications of the new model are close to those of Galaxy Note 3, which explains the rumors about the upcoming release of the new version of a tablet phone with a flexible screen.

The price of the new product is not made ​​public, although it is expected that the cost of the first Galaxy Round will be very high, as the device will be released in limited quantities. As expected, the first Samsung Galaxy Round will be available in South Korea, and then the device will be announced in the U.S. and Europe.


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