Next Apple iPhone to Be Launched on September 10

The fans of Apple products tick the day of September 10 with a red felt-tip pen on their calendars. If the press has put it right, the world will see a new iPhone on this day. As always, everything that is connected with the release is kept secret, and the public is to make their own guesses.

The Apple corporation is still making a huge profit on the sale of their devices, but the competitors do not stay idle: the creators of iPhone do not feel that much optimistic because of the manufacturers of cheaper Android-based devices and their constant rivalry with Samsung. According to the experts, in this situation Apple can defeat the competitors by offering a low-cost version of the iPhone along with other models. It is still intriguing if the company will reconsider its price policy or will prefer not to lower its usual level of prices.

What else will surprise the audience? Some of the experts believe that the screen size will be increased again. Someone believes that the new device will be equipped with a fingerprint sensor. The device must operate on the basis of iOS 7, which was released in early summer. Apple representatives do not make any comments regarding the future presentation.

It is worth reminding that iPhone 5 – the latest Apple product so far – was presented in September 2012.


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