Moscase Adds Functions to Your iPhone

If you think that your Apple iPhone 6/ iPhone 6 Plus lacks functionality or the battery is weak, do not despair.


Consider the special Moscase that the MSC Accessories Company is engaged in developing. It consists of two parts: the main one, which is mounted on a smartphone, and plug-in modules having a different purpose and function. Five versions of plug-in modules have been developed so far: breathalyzer, equipped with sensors to detect alcohol in the body, an amplifier, which has two large speakers on the rear surface, a solar battery, an extra battery and E-Ink-display for reading books and other text messages that allows saving battery power.

The main part of the case contains a heart rate monitor, a thermometer capable of measuring temperature in the range from 0 to 100 degrees Celsius, and a stress level sensor. The information received from the sensors is analyzed by the specific application.

Apart from all these features, with this case you may still use your phone for more common actions, such as calling, chatting or gaming. Click here to choose from the games people find most fun.

The creators are now raising funds for the project via the Kickstarter service. The cost of the main part is $133 (the amount of the cases sold at this price is limited, and then the cost for pre-order will be $149); other modules can be purchased separately (1 unit costs $59) or in a set.


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