Micro Phone Lens Macro Lens for a Smartphone

Nowadays, the art of photography is getting a second wind. This may be facilitated by a set of lenses that are mounted on a smartphone. With their help, you can even take a picture of bacteria. Their cost is ridiculous.


Thanks to mobile devices, photography has firmly established itself in the life of virtually every modern individual with a smartphone. We no longer need film, developers and photo shops. People take pictures not only to capture some events, but also to share photos with their loved ones, friends, colleagues, and even strangers. We have so many photos that they no longer cause any sentimental inspiration and awe.


A group of designers and enthusiasts have decided to “refresh” the impression that the picture gives, creating an innovative lens for a smartphone that will capture everything that is usually hidden from our eyes. These lenses allow zooming into the image.


The set of lenses is called Micro Phone Lens. They are applied on top of your smartphone lens with the help of a special transparent adhesive tape. The resulting design is temporary, but at the same time it provides an extra level of protection for the lens. You can change the lens at any time. The entire procedure takes less than 30 seconds. The set currently includes more than a dozen magnifying lenses. The weakest of them will give the camera a 10-fold zoom. The strongest lens provides 100-fold magnification.

Micro Phone Lens kits allow taking picture of hairs, skin, wounds, clothing and much more at an incredible zoom. Such images can be created both for entertainment and for practical purposes, such as training.