Jupiter IO 3 Smartphone for Smokers

The US-based Human Healt Organization, specializing in the production of electronic cigarettes, cigars and coffee under the Vaporcade brand, dared to combine a smartphone as the most wearable device in the world with a smart electronic cigarette. If you are a smoker, you will definitely enjoy the new Jupiter IO 3 smartphone presented at CES 2016. The device can be smoked – literally.


The journalists managed to not only consider Jupiter IO 3 from all sides, but to do it with the help of a few puffs. At the CES event, a prototype gadget was shown, but the finished version is now available for order on the producer’s website. You can only buy a version with 3G network support for $300. However, in a couple of weeks the 4G-modification will join. It will cost $500 for the same e-stuffing. Smoking cartridges are sold separately for $15 each and can give not only lung cancer, but also the taste of mint, peach and coffee.


It’s a brilliant idea to combine so many features in just one device. But there’s no need to use all of them. Even if you’re not a smoker, you can still call, chat and play games with it. So, don’t waste time and try mobile casino at Vipclubcasino.com, for example.

Unfortunately, many characteristics of Jupiter IO 3 remain unknown. The product is known to contain two batteries – the main one, designed for 16 hours of talk time, which powers the mobile phone; and the second battery, which runs the evaporation chamber of the electronic cigarette. It is also reported that Jupiter IO 3 is endowed with Android 4.4 OS and a 5.3-inch screen. Vaporcade company, the creator of Jupiter IO 3, focuses its business on electronic cigarettes, so it surely does not develop the smartphone on its own.