iPhone 6 to Get a 4,8 Inch Screen

iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 - sizes

Buyers of Apple smartphones, who would like the iPhone with a bigger screen, hope that this will happen next year. At least, this is what analyst Peter Misek from Jefferies says. After meeting with Apple suppliers in Asia, he released a note for the investors, which reported that iPhone 6 will offer a 4.8 inch screen for its users.

If so, it will be a substantial increase of the diagonal if to compare it with the current line of 4 inch iPhones. The analyst did not say what had prompted him to make such a prediction, but, according to his words, the appearance of this smartphone would cause a great wave of updates among the customers of the company from Cupertino.

Smartphones with large screens are becoming more popular. About a half of the smartphones that appeared on the market during the last three months were equipped with at least a 4 inch screen diagonal. For comparison, a year ago, the figure was only 20%. Mr. Misek predicts that in September 2014 about 85 million of iPhone users will be able to update for iPhone 6 (plus about 10.5 million people, who have deliberately missed the iPhone 5s/5c cycle).

However, Apple’s current problems include relatively weak demand for iPhone 5c: monthly production of these devices has been reduced to 15-20 million from the original 30 million items.


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