First Flexible Smartphone Prototype

A team of engineers from the Canadian Queens University have presented a prototype of an unusual flexible RefleX smartphone – by bending the phone, the user can manage applications in a new way. Bending of the screen allows you to turn the pages of e-books – the more pronounced the bend is, the faster this process occurs.

You can play Angry Birds and pull the rubber in the slingshot by bending the smartphone as strongly as possible. A tactile and audible sensation is achieved due to the sound effects and vibration, as if paper rustles, or rubber stretches under the fingers. The new product is running on the Android 4.4 KitKat operating system, the display is represented by a flexible OLED touch panel by the LG Display company with an HD-resolution and a set of sensors and micro motors, which determine the degree of bending. The rest of the electronics is placed on the sides of the display. The screen cannot be folded in half, but the developers did not pursue this goal.