Artiphon Instrument 1: Orchestra in One Instrument

A universal instrument for creating and recording music with a smartphone will soon be available. The Artiphon company has announced the upcoming release of a limited series of Artiphon Instrument 1, previously demonstrated at the CES 2013 and NAMM exhibitions. The instrument uses the computing power of the iPhone or IPod Touch to work with such music apps like GarageBand or Animoog, which allow you to create and record music tracks. In such a case, the musicians do not have to re-learn to play a new instrument: it can be played like a guitar, a piano or a violin, and a special touch panel allows you to create rhythmic patterns of the percussion instruments.


The design of Instrument 1 provides one microphone input (in order to be able to record vocals) and a headphone output as an alternative to built-in speakers (the frequency range is from 100 Hz to 20 kHz) in a combination with the 30-watt class D amplifier.

Although Instrument 1 was originally designed for the iPhone or IPod Touch, it functions as a universal MIDI-controller and can be connected to any MIDI-synthesizer or digital audio workstation (based on PC or MAC), as well as Android devices, supporting wire connection of the MIDI type.


The lithium-ion battery of Instrument 1 can perform 6 to 10 hours long without charging, and if there is an electrical outlet nearby, the device can be powered by alternative current.

The estimated price of the device is $799.


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