Apple iPhone 6 Air Concept

The predictable cycles of upgraded Apple devices appeal to the conscious consumers. Even those who do not follow the industry know that the company will release iPhone in a new body this year. It’s really an obvious point, which will inevitably lead to the dissatisfied comments of the fans, who have already responded negatively to the first photos of iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. But what will iPhone 6 be like? Here is one of the realistic concepts, which has the right to be designed.


Designer Eric, working in a French company iPhonesoft, decided to recreate his vision of the next iPhone model, based on the logical conclusions drawn from the popular rumors. A larger display with a diagonal of 4.5 inches will require a larger body, thereby reducing the thickness of the device following the experience of the competitors and their Android-based smartphones. However, six millimeters is a serious argument, and it will be difficult to implement such a device in reality. The cover design is also bound to change, and its features seem to imitate the modern iPad collection. The brick-like shape of iPhone 5/5s is strongly different from all other iDevices, and knowing Apple’s passion for unification, it will not be surprising if the next iPhone has a rounded body.


Eric is still hoping that the next version of iOS will change the home screen icons. This noble desire is supported by the fact that even the third-party designers somehow cope with this task better than the Apple team.


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