3D Printer Printing from Smartphone

Kickstarter is successfully promoting a project aimed at raising funds for the production of compact OLO 3D-printers, working in tandem with any smartphone run on iOS, Android, or Windows Phone, and a screen diagonal of 5.5 inches, including Apple iPhone 6S Plus and Samsung Galaxy A7. For its performance, the device uses the computing power of a smartphone and the illumination of its screen. Power is provided by four AA batteries.


OLO consists of three parts: the base, which houses a smartphone, the container with the necessary 3D-printing devices and the section for the placement of consumables. The light emitted from the smartphone display serves to solidify the liquid polymer, which is used to print a 3D-object. It is worth noting that while working with OLO, the smartphone will not be available for its direct functions.


The disadvantages will also include the need to use only branded consumables and print objects of a small size. For 3D-printing, the user can resort to the layout database in a mobile application or create his/her own object using specialized software such as, Autodesk 123D Catch.


There is also the function of creating a model by using a smartphone camera scan. The device weighs less than a kilogram, and the price is only $99.