10 Facts to Know about iPhone 5S & 5C

5S and 5C are both 4G handsets, but there is enough difference to dig into the matter and see what specs may prove important for you.

  1. The iPhone 5S’s home button is something special! It is topped with a laboratory grown gem. This colorless sapphire was first employed as a camera lens in Apple’s iPhone 5, now it sits atop the main button of 5S. It is second in hardness only to a diamond, so you will be hard put to it to scratch it, but it is done so as not to damage the scanner surface.
  2. The iPhone 5C was looked upon as Apple’s cheaper kind of phone, but that’s not what is meant by C – it means Color. The handset will be available in a wide color range from pink to yellow, green, blue, and white, so you can get one to match your favorite color scheme. It is said to be sold for £469 out of contract, with £80 off the gorgeous 5S. Also, there will be contrasting cases with backs done in rows of holes.
  3. The iPhone is going to know its owner – it is bruited about that the 5S can recognize fingerprints, the home button will react to your touch and unlock the phone. Also, you will be able to make payments to iTunes.
  4. Pains were taken for your fingerprints to remain private information. The scanner, on taking your fingerprint images, converts them into a digital signature which gets encrypted for storage on your handset’s chip. According to Apple, the info from the scanner cannot be transferred to the developers, and it won’t be saved on the company’s servers nor on the iCloud backup cyberspace. No reason to worry, eh, Apple?
  5. It’s not only one fingerprint – in case you use not one but two fingers to unlock the phone, or you share it with your partner or your family member, the scanner was designed to remember and recognize 5 fingers.
  6. Both S and C are featured with 4G for those who are ready to stump up a pretty sum for a speedy mobile internet connection; 4G allows to make use of the EE, O2, Three and Vodafone networks’ spectrum bands.
  7. The 5S can show slowed-down videos. You can select a part of a video and make your iPhone play it at a quarter speed. There’s an Apple show reel showing how it comes out when filming bicycle tricks from a skateboard on the move, a remarkable effect that can make you a popular social net video maker!
  8. Skype’s great rival in smartphone video calls apps, Facetime, is now capable of audio calls only, on consideration that you won’t want your call to be interrupted if the connection is not too good, or leaving you with an option whether to dress up for every incoming call. The app’s interface has undergone its first significant change since it appeared in 2007.
  9. The 5S is equipped with a white LED flash and an amber one, making it two! You can alter their intensity, while a special sensor decides how to use them for the optimum picture color. The 8 megapixel camera is designed to take four successive photos in poor light and then make up one photo using the best spots from the four, thus coming up with the best quality photo possible in reduced conditions.
  10. September 20 is the date to expect the first sales of the 5S and 5C. The iOS 7 is billed for September 18, compatible with iPhone 4, iPad 2 and their following models, the iPad mini and iPod touch 5th generation.


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