Xbox One Controller for Gamers

Arguably Microsoft’s Xbox One was born perfect, since it had not been altered significantly over time (while Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Nintendo’s Wii U that have been acquiring more sophisticated features). Realistic and user-friendly, the controller nevertheless lacked a touchscreen – or other touch-reacting feature – and built-in speakers. Well, these days are now past.

According to its famous producers, the new Xbox One controller boasts 40 plus improvements. Microsoft made an awesome attempt to make Xbox One an incomparable controller, providing it with impulse triggers, comfort-grip analogs, and internal battery compartment, mentioning only the most outstanding ones; on top, there are heaps of smaller betterments, the result of the company’s careful research into the matter.

The handling has been made degrees easier due to lower ABXY buttons, handier triggers and bumpers, allowing for better frag times. There’s auto controller pairing by Kinect to make it better when you pass it on to your gaming friend. Yes, and over 30 other improvements that you will like to check for yourself better than to read about them here.

Quintin Morris, Xbox’s Senior Product Designer, assured the company’s faithful customers that the latest Xbox One controller has been designed with the view of becoming the best one for “core gamers,” allowing for the player’s faster and more efficient performance.


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