Virtual Reality: Why Roulette is Leading the Entertainment Revolution

This reality is only virtual, the pain i” (CC BY 2.0) by Vanity ♪

If you’ve ever watched any movie set in Las Vegas or Monte Carlo then you’ll know that roulette is the ultimate game of chance. The combination of a steel wheel, small ball and 37 betting squares makes for one of the most enthralling, engaging and entertaining games in the world. However, it’s not always easy to find the time to fit in a trip to a bricks and mortar casino and take a spin at the roulette table. Fortunately, since the turn of the millennium things have changed and the advent of online casino gaming has made it possible to play roulette without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Thanks to software providers such as Microgaming and the operators that utilize its products, gamers can now easily play roulette in its many variations without having to step outside. Online roulette for Canadian players is now a heady mix of affordability, accessibility and entertainment.

For example, when you browse the roster of roulette games offered by top online casinos like 32Red, you’ll find Microgaming games designed to suit a wide variety of players. Beginners and aficionados alike can play games like Multi Wheel Roulette, which is part of Microgaming’s Gold Series, and ante-up from as little as $1. Not only that, but re-bet buttons, expert guides and stat options make the game much more interactive, regardless of your skill level.

Gaming on a New Level


3Dhead Virtual Reality Headset” (CC BY 2.0) by pestoverde

However, just as players are getting comfortable with new forms of online roulette (such as live dealer games), the industry could be set for another shakeup. In the never-ending quest for realism, Microgaming and its iGaming peers are now breaking into the world of virtual reality. Riding on the coattails of the Oculus Rift revolution (the first headsets shipped earlier this year), Microgaming recently previewed its latest innovation: VR Roulette.

Lauded by the Global Gaming Awards as the Digital Gaming Innovation of the Year back in September 2015, Microgaming VR Roulette was brought to life using Oculus Rift’s headset and the Leap Motion 3D Controller. Adding a new depth of reality to the game, the software is a glimpse into the future of the online casino industry and another example of how our lives will soon be changed by VR.

Indeed, because Microgaming’s roster of roulette options is available around the world, it could mean a global revolution. From Mr Smith Casino in the UK and its French Roulette games with La Partage options, to Casino Euro across Europe with Premier Diamond Roulette, the face of online roulette could be set to change dramatically with the advent of VR.

Indeed, if we start to consider the possibilities VR opens up when you look at something like 32Red’s Multi Wheel Roulette alone, the possibilities are almost endless. By donning an Oculus Rift headset, players could be transported to a world filled with roulette wheels. The idea of immersive roulette could potentially be taken to the extreme by placing players in the centre of a wheel to create a combined fairground/roulette experience. Essentially, VR roulette would change the shape of online gaming and make us feel at one with the roulette wheel, rather than outside observers.

Virtual Reality Is Now the In Thing


Virtual reality” (CC BY 2.0) by University of Salford

VR is helping to ensure a myriad of activities are becoming accessible to more and more people. For example, in 2015, Coca Cola took people in Poland on a virtual sleigh ride using Oculus Rift. Similarly, Volvo ensured a ride in its new XC90 SUV was accessible to as many potential customers as possible by creating a virtual test drive.

The software received a 3.6-star rating from 155 reviews on Google Play and not only gave customers a look at Volvo’s new car, but also provided the manufacturer’s reputation with a boost. In fact, as VR continues to gain momentum and evolve, more and more companies keen to portray themselves as cutting edge will undoubtedly look to embrace the medium.

Get Ready to Enjoy the VR Revolution


ImmersiON VRelia Virtual Reality Headset” (CC BY 2.0) by pestoverde

Some companies are already trying to find new ways to embrace the VR revolution in a bid to appeal to our love of technology and, importantly, our desire for authentic experiences. Some of us will never enjoy a sleigh ride in Lapland, drive the latest supercar or play roulette like James Bond in real life; however, thanks to VR, we can do it virtually.

Although this may not completely satisfy our desire for authenticity, there’s no doubt that VR’s evolution will bring with it more ways for us to feel as though we’re actually in the middle of a new world.

Certainly, it would seem that VR has the potential to take the online roulette world by storm, but it’s unlikely to be the only aspect of our life affected by the innovation. Indeed, as we move further into this technological revolution, we could well start to see more and more creative and interesting uses of VR and that’s something we can all look forward to.