The VexBox Internet Throttle for Parents

Virtually all modern parents face a situation when their children spend too much time sitting on the Internet, instead of helping around the house or doing homework. It has become easier to influence the naughty child thanks to a device called VexBox.

It connects to the modem and allows you to manage home Internet remotely, using a smartphone. Reduce its speed to 56 Kbps, and the child will prefer to follow your instructions rather than to wait until the Web pages open. The only difficulty in connecting VexBox is the need to connect all devices to the new network and to close access to the old one. If you think that this device will allow you to better manage your children’s behavior, you can buy it by supporting the project on Kickstarter with a sum of money bigger than $39. If the campaign turns out effective, you will also be able to buy it in the shop for $79.


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