Razer Project Ariana Gaming Display

Using their 4K projector called Project Ariana, Razer Company claims to increase the game area and project it on the whole wall, where the monitor or the TV panel is located. The vertical surface shows everything that the TV screen or monitor fails to display. The device is based on Chroma technology, developed specifically for the gamer to improve his information awareness while playing.

Due to the technology, RGB-lighting in a keyboard, a computer mouse and other Razer gadgets generates light in accordance with what is happening on the screen. The projector is equipped with a 155° angle camera and a depth sensor that scan the space and objects in front of the projector and then adapt the broadcast picture in accordance with the geometry of the furniture. This helps the gamer get better involved in the gameplay.


Unfortunately, Project Ariana is only a prototype at this stage aimed at demonstrating the benefits of Chroma technology. Therefore, one should not expect its appearance on sale in the nearest future. By the way, a similar technology was presented by Microsoft Corporation at CES 2013, four years ago.

The development of IllumiRoom eventually proved to be too expensive, which is why it did not appear on the market as a final product. Nevertheless, Chroma developers are hoping for the best. The system will be available for Razer partners, including Philips, Lenovo, Nanoleaf, Antec, NZXT, Wicked Lasers, and others. It is quite possible that after the new technology is integrated into the popular Philips Hue light bulbs, they will be able to change color and brightness depending on what is happening in the game.