Minion Rush Game

Minion Rush developers took the easiest way and made an endless runner, fully replicating Temple Run and other similar games.

It may seem to be another hastily made game in the trite genre – but no, it is very difficult to tear yourself away from Minion Rush. It uses all borrowed ideas very skillfully.

The best worker of the year is chosen among the minions, and one of the candidates (the role of which we assume) starts to run for his life jumping over obstacles. Perhaps jumping ability is the main criterion for the yellow men evaluation, but the plot is the last thing we want to pay attention to. Especially since the whole Minion Rush game has just one video, and it ends up before it begins.


The main difference of Minion Rush from other “runners” is a permanent change in the requirements for the player. Normally you should run your finger in different directions in order to avoid obstacles, jump and slide. The controls are very responsive and comfortable – you just touch the screen, and the minion is already in place.


For a children-oriented game, it has very detailed environment and beautiful graphics. In the process, you almost do not see it, constantly having to skirt obstacles and watch the road, but if you look at the background for a second, you can appreciate the designers’ work. Monitors depicting cartoon character and dozens of minions busy with day jobs are everywhere: welding pipes, painting walls, or idling and staring at the running mate.


Of course, it has its drawbacks, one of which is the in-game store. As it is an endless runner, you can easily do without extra purchases – the main thing is not to crash into obstacles. But the game is based on a children’s cartoon, and as far as children are the target audience, they will want to change the minion’s costume or buy him a useful item. Artists tried their best – even an adult will want to purchase a minion cook or a minion artist, so well they are painted.


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