Best Paid iPhone Games

Gaming is a favorite pastime of virtually every iPhone user, especially those who’ve tried out the Vegas Palms mobile casino app. Each one of us is different, but we all have our way of passing the time when standing in line, commuting, or simply looking for a temporary cure for boredom.

Games are one of those things that we go to when escaping our long days. But, not every game is created equal ie they are not similar in quality. The one thing to remember is – you get what you pay for. Unless you are visiting a site like Vegas Palms Online Casino where you can win real cash. Still, in general, quality comes at a price. And, to help you get the most of your dollar, consider our selection of some of the best iPhone games on the market:

Monument Valley

This beautifully designed game will take your gaming addiction to an entirely new level. Your objective is to manipulate complex pieces of architecture in an effort to help a princess reach her destination. Although this sounds relatively simple, don’t be fooled. This game is very challenging and its mesmerizing design will enthrall you.

Venture Kid

This game was inspired by older games and, as such, will remind you of the good old gaming days. Your objective is to jump through the obstacles and tackle the deadly creatures. And, with this nostalgic 2D game’s eye-catching designs along with its nine levels and bosses, you will keep coming back for more.

Punch Club

To win this game, you’ll have to train your character so that he can defeat his opponents and increase your reputation in the Punch Club. But, gameplay isn’t only limited to building your rep or knocking your challengers out, it’s unique create-your-own-adventure feature has an added element that takes your gameplay to another level. As you progress through this game, the decisions you make will affect your personal life so you must always consider the consequences.

Draw Rider Plus

The objective of this black and white game is to drive to the end of the track without crashing. Sound’s pretty simple, doesn’t it? You’ll change your mind as you keep playing this addictive game. Another great feature is its realism. You are also given the ability to create your own racing track. And, that’s just the beginning – this game has tons of other features that you will be sure to love.

Table Tennis Touch

If racing and violence games aren’t your cups of tea, you will want to consider Table Tennis Touch. It’s one of the best games on the market and its realistic graphics are quite beautiful. Furthermore, the basics of this game are so easy to pick up that even a rookie will be playing like a pro in just a few minutes. But, with all the different modes, you won’t get bored any time soon.

Lara Croft GO

Love the Lara Croft movies and/or games? If so, you should definitely add this game to your list of must-haves. The gameplay is familiar ie your job is to explore the ruins of an ancient civilization. During the six chapters of gameplay, you will play over 100 games where you are faced with deadly enemies and other challenges to hold your interest.

Warhammer 40,000: Deathwatch

In this turn-based strategy game, your objective is to control a team of elite space marines. You must lead them through the Tyranids to seek your enemies and defeat them. And with its advanced user interface and solid graphics, you will soon be addicted to this game.


Is your dream to rule the world? Get your start with Conquest, the mobile version of the classic and quite addictive board game. It’s the perfect combination of strategy and risk, two skills that you will need to take over the world.