Best Mobile Games of September

We continue a series of materials about new and updated mobile games that deserve your attention.


In the 1980s, vector computer graphics was considered an ultimate achievement: frames of tanks and spaceships against the background of unshaded polygons. Fotonica game shows how modern mobile games would look like, if more advanced graphics technology had never been invented. game-13 The appearance is from the first person; you are a vector person (with vector hands), running along the path of a simple polygon. You need to jump across the abyss or climb to reach more complex frame structures. Controlling jumps and landings is very simple (you let the button go to jump and press it to land); the most important thing is to learn how to perform both actions with no loss of speed. There are seven levels of training and three modes of endless running and jumping. There is an opportunity to play together on the same device using a split screen mode. game-1 game-12 Technically, this is a standard endless runner with the original control, but the overall aesthetics of the graphic minimalism and musical design that confirms to the spirit of “electronics” from the science fiction films of the 1980s has converted Fotonica into a work of art comparable to the cyberpunk arcade Mirror’s Edge and the legendary rhythm shooter Rez for home consoles. game-14

  • iOS 6.0+, for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, $2.


A lot of people speak about the problem of overpopulation of the Earth and its climate change. One thing is clear: once our planet will cease to be suitable for life, and the very existence of the mankind contributes to the coming of this point faster than usual. What should you do if you do not want to stay here? Interstellar-Game-3 The answer has been given by the authors of the Interstellar film and the eponymous mobile game: you have to pack your things and fly away from here after finding a suitable planet. You can create such planets and entire galaxies on your own to share them with other space explorers. Interstellar is tremendously beautiful, romantic and frightening. It arouses emotions and makes you think. Interstellar-Game-4 Not very convenient control, some confusion, high initial complexity, small depth and other objective shortcomings of Interstellar do not matter. This is a perfect (and totally free!) game for those who have imagination, who are ready to conquer the space just for fictional adventures in a vacuum. Per aspera ad astra!

  • Android 4.0+
  • iOS 4.3+, for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Chronology: Time Changes Everything

An elderly inventor wakes up in the ruins of his usual world. Soon he discovers a very unpleasant future around and realizes he was partly responsible for the chaos. Fortunately, he has a time clock that will come in handy and take the owner to the past and a big clever snail that is capable of stopping the flow of time. game-23 Chronology is the debut steam hit project by Osao Games. This is a puzzle platformer, dealing with the passage of time rather than with the laws of physics, typical of this genre. In the game, you have to constantly move from the future to the past and back: the character remains in the same place, while the environment changes. This principle will have to be used in solving the local (mostly simple) puzzles. In the past, for example, you can use the technique that is out of order in the future, and if your path is blocked by too rough vegetation you need to move to the future – after a mysterious cataclysm all the plants will die. In general, it is strange that such mechanics was practically unused in games (we can only remember Silent Age). It is original and not boring; therefore you will never be disappointed. game-25 But the main charm of Chronology is not multitask puzzles (even though there is a great variety of them, especially at the end), but the way the game looks and is perceived. Great graphics and wonderful music are not the only point here; the game itself has some special charm that is difficult to explain – it is very pleasant and comfortable. The only problem is that the game is short, but the developers promise to add more chapters soon. In the mobile version, the first chapter is available for free, and the second one can be bought in the application for about $2. game-2 game-22

  • iOS 6.0+, for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, free of charge, but with built-in purchases
  • Windows Phone 8.0/8.1, free of charge, but with built-in purchases

Goblin Sword

The two-dimensional platformer Goblin Sword brings us back in the days of Castlevania and Ghosts’ n Goblins. This is a complex and picturesque game. The beauty of Goblin Sword is in the perfect combination of classical (balanced and accurate) gameplay, responsive control, and well-designed content. game-44 Goblin Sword contains over 50 levels filled with a diverse array of traps, obstacles and secrets. The opportunity to discover the chests with gold coins and secret weapons makes the gamer explore all the secret parts of labyrinths. Control is clear: you can easily climb even the tiniest platform. In dungeons, castles and thickets, the character will face a huge number of monsters that shoot fireballs or throw axes. Sometimes you come across monster bosses that can make even connoisseurs of the genre feel nervous. game-43 The treasures, collected during your travels, are carefully preserved in the character’s home. Stolen gold should be spent on buying new weapons (with special blows), suits or magical artifacts. Particular attention should be paid to the pocket dragon that will accompany the character during the perilous journeys and shoot enemies from some distance. game-42 game-4 iOS has a lot of good two-dimensional platformers. Still, Goblin Sword is clearly discernible against this background due to the lack of built-in shopping, the rich content and the atmosphere of the old 8-bit hits.


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