5 Coolest Geeky Hobbies

There are hobbies and hobbies, but very few sweep whole nations and retain popularity for quite venerable periods. If you have time to spare and are thinking to take up something exciting and maybe a trifle geeky, peek here to learn what people go crazy about.


One of the oldest hobbies stretching over centuries is photography, first notions of optic originating sometime around the 4th century and the art finally blossoming two hundred years ago. Now it’s degrees easier to pursue than it used to be, and requires far less time so you can do it as you go about your daily routine.

Online Gaming

Another pastime, even older and more abiding than photography, is gaming. Board games are man’s longtime companions, and when they became available online, they are even more so. When you’re lonely and time weighs on your hands, just go and play now for bingo games here.

Rubik’s Cube

Comparatively recent occupation is Rubik’s Cube, architect Erno Rubik’s brainchild that is a favorite with any fan of puzzles. Every seventh person in the world has had a go at it. Put it in your bag or install the app, and you will know no boredom.


Have you got a blog? If you haven’t, maybe it’s time you seriously considered starting one? You will always have a say in any subject that tickles your fancy, and, judging by how fast the craze has disseminated, a great deal of people enjoy this hobby.

Laser Tag

During its 30-year-plus existence, laser tagging has won over people of all ages and occupations! Devoid of painful hits, developed from a true-life army combat system, the hobby holds out boundless attraction for those who are into such things.

Of course the list is not complete, and some less popular hobbies can vie for your attention, but if you are eager to try something, these are guaranteed to please.