Zendure Passport: A Traveler’s Adaptor

Arriving in a foreign country, the traveler faces not the most pleasant surprise – local sockets are absolutely helpless when it comes to the devices you bring with you. This situation can be dealt with in many ways. One of the most effective methods is to buy a suitable adaptor, such as this device.

The fact is that different countries very often use different sockets. Moreover, they can have different voltage. While one difference can allow the device to be connected to the network, the other difference can burn it.

A super-universal and super-safe adaptor with the symbolic name Zendure Passport can be an interesting and the most successful solution to all these problems.

What is Zendure Passport? First of all, this is an incredibly comfortable adaptor, which will allow you to connect a wide variety of devices. The adaptor will let you easily use the power network in more than 150 countries, connecting any of the existing plugs. Another important feature is the ability to connect devices to the network via USB. To do this, the adaptor has as many as four ports. In addition, you can adjust the voltage that will be applied to a particular outlet or USB connector.

These are not all of Zendure Passport merits. A far more important peculiarity of the adaptor is the presence of automatic fuses. According to the creators, until recently such fuses had been used only in the aerospace industry! The developers claim it will not be a problem to replace a fuse. Of course, all devices connected to the Passport will be reliably protected from voltage drops. The accessory will be available soon. Its estimated cost is $35, which is much less than the cost of repairing your favorite laptop!