World’s First Action Sunglasses Orbi Prime

Action cameras are not as cool as they seem. However, the world’s first action sunglasses can be called cool since they allow not only to shoot and broadcast video, but also protect the eyes in a variety of situations.


In recent years, the so-called action cameras have gained incredible popularity. The development of digital technologies in our time never fails to surprise! Since the appearance of the first action camera, a device allowing everyone to shoot what is happening around, the market was swamped with similar devices from various manufacturers. Among this variety, it can be difficult to find something really interesting because the vast majority of cameras differ from each other only by their technical characteristics (and cost).


Now, there is something truly new on the market and worthy of the users’ attention. Of course, we are talking about the new Orbi Prime sunglasses. The idea of camera sunglasses is not new: one can recall the unfortunate Google Glass, but unlike this concept, the novelty is nothing but sunglasses with a good camera! By the way, these are quite stylish and modern sunglasses that are perfect for active people, who like to travel a lot.


What should you know about Orbi Prime sunglasses? A built-in camera allows you to shoot video in 1080p and 4K formats. In case of the latter format, the glasses can record 90 minutes of video at the frame rate of 30 points. The device is capable of recording video in the 360-degree mode. Due to the support of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS technologies, the sunglasses are able to synchronize with other gadgets and, as a result, are capable of live broadcasting.

As for the technical side that ensures the functioning of this perfect invention, the product is equipped with two lithium-ion batteries with a total capacity of 1000-mAh. The sunglasses use a removable 128 GB memory drive. The micro USB connector is used, among other things, for the charging device.