Underwater Drone for Fishing

Fishing is promoted to a new level of development. A new unique drone that will make fishing more efficient and interesting than ever has been presented recently.

Fishing was one of the first and most effective ways for Homo sapiens to make a living. Since prehistoric times, fishing has developed greatly, changing from century to century. When it seemed impossible to come up with something more brilliant than spinning rods, the engineers still found something to please and surprise the fishing fans. Specialists from the PowerVision Robotics Corporation decided to make fishing in the 21st century a robotic experience.

Their work resulted in a new underwater drone called PowerRay Underwater Robot. The novelty was presented at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017, which is traditionally held in Las Vegas.

The new PowerRay technology was created in order to carry out a revolution in amateur, professional and extreme fishing. It allows you to significantly increase the efficiency of fishing. This became possible due to the fact that the drone combines several useful fishing devices and enables using a number of advanced technologies to catch fish for purely entertainment purposes.

The underwater drone is equipped with a sonar, which is used to search for the catch. Its range is 131 feet, and the scan accuracy is 4 inches. The maximum diving depth of the sonar is 98 feet. It is important to note that the sonar can be removed from the drone and used separately. The scan results are transmitted to the fisherman in real time.

The logical question is what PowerRay can be linked to. The drone can be synchronized with any mobile device. It is also possible to connect it to virtual reality glasses in order to contemplate what is happening under the water. Of course, this can also be done with the help of a 4K UHD camera with a 100-degree wide-angle lens.