Underwater Bionic Drone BIKI for Divers & Vacationers

Great interest was aroused by a compact underwater drone BIKI, reminiscent of a fish from the Finding Nemo movie. This robot moves with the help of the caudal fin. Compared to rotary counterparts, it moves more slowly without making fish scared.

BIKI is capable of operating at depths up to 60 meters moving at a speed of 0.5 m/sec. It is managed by a remote control from a distance up to 10 m or a smartphone app on OS Android and iOS.

The drone can float independently in a specified direction, avoiding obstacles – it has special sensors to recognize them. Even if the connection gets interrupted, BIKI will return to the starting point thanks to the integrated GPS module. To compensate for the fluctuations of the body frame, there is a mechanical stabilization system.

BIKI is also equipped with flashlights, which makes it possible to shoot video under water, and a camera with a very decent viewing angle (150°) to record 4K video. It has 32 GB internal memory and a battery lasting 1.5-2 hours.

BIKI is black-and-white, but it is planned to expand the color palette. You will have to pay $1000 for this gadget, but it will cost much less on Kickstarter — $600. You will be able to get it in September this year. This promising startup is so popular that, instead of $20,000 needed to run the project, there has been raised four times more money.

The BIKI underwater drone will be useful to scientists in watching the inhabitants of the underwater world, and to the military people for reconnaissance purposes, but it is mainly designed for divers and vacationers.